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Digitally Oiled

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Digitally Oiled

Finally, a Wacom pad, and Corel Painter 4 to create with. I'm currently working on two digital paintings. One using CorelPhotopaint 13 in which I'm taking one of my favorite drawings that is very intricate and creating a painting.

The other, the one shown here, is the one I've been using corel Painter with and I'm loving the experience. First off, no more oil paints all over me, the house, the dog next door. I don't know how I manage, but as I don't have a studio and paint wherever I can, including in bed due to health issues, this is much easier. Secondly, the feel and ability to bring out vibrant colors is thrilling to me, and the detail, ahhhh my love of detail. Once I changes the resolution and size of the canvas, it became much more defined and clear. Third, what a great way to paint anywhere!

I am loving the look as well, but, at the end of the day it is not a real oil painting, which has a depth that cannot be replicated. That is what makes originals so sought after (not min, not yet). But not too worried there either, as when I brought out a canvas print from FAA (I'm sooo pleased with their quality) Mom didn't notice it was a print and thought it was her purchase. It fooled her.

Anyway, it is giving me a new way to express myself and I'm lovin' it.

I hope you enjoy the work as well because I'm putting a lot of house into this, and loving each stroke with the 'brush". Digital oil painting, who would have ever thought.

What are some of your thoughts on this new way to create art?